About Us

Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up theo’er- wrought heart and bids it break.
William Shakespeare, Macbeth

Welcome to Calabasas Counseling and Grief Recovery Center. For the past 20 years we have been helping people overcome the pain of loss. Loss comes in many forms, whether it is the shock of death, expected or traumatic, the ending of a romantic or social relationship, abuse that may be recent or past, or the heartache that results from many others losses. The center was founded to help people move past their grief and restart their lives.


In addition to loss, many of the people we help also suffer the challenges of depression, anxiety, and the painful difficulties of divorce. Often loss is only a part of the whole picture, which is why our therapists are available to treat a variety of emotional and relationship issues.


We invite you to look through our site. For information about our indiviudal or group services, or to schedule an appointment please call 818-222-3895 or click to send an email.

Meet Our Staff

Debi Jenkins Frankle


Mark Frankle


Denise Kraus


Jordy Epstein


Edie Moses


Michele Ryan